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Letter to our Paper-Product Purchasing Customers

Time Manager International (TMI) 

Denmark Office London Office
Industrivænget 4A, Meløse Elm Yard, 13-16 Elm Street, Clerkenwell
3320 Skævinge, Denmark London WC1X 0BJ, UK
DATE:  May 15th, 2019

Dear Time Manager User

We are saying Goodbye to the Paper-Product part of our business

Since 1975 TMI has been fortunate enough to count customers like yourself as a loyal purchaser of our Paper-based and printed products. Thank You!

It will be of no surprise to you, I am sure, that the trend for electronic tools, software and Apps has surpassed the requirement for paper products, particularly for diaries, calendars and time based forms and accessories. In fact, our Time Manager for Microsoft Outlook® learning programme flourishes as our Time Manager Philosophies can easily be applied in the electronic world to increase your personal and/or team performance and Productivity.

We have sustained our paper-based business for as long as we have been able, however, the demand for what we offer has so significantly dropped in very recent times, that we can no longer successfully service this side of our business.

It is therefore with a heavy heart; and apology that we need to let you know that we will no longer be producing dated products after the end of this year. In fact we have no current plans to go to print at all; what we currently have in stock will be the last of what is available.

As we plan to close this part of our business at the end of June this year; we are offering our loyal customers a small token of appreciation of a 50% discount on all remaining stock items (subject to availability) with free handling and shipping. If you let us have your website order by close of business CET on FRIDAY 14th JUNE 2019 we will ensure your order gets to your door before we close ours!.

Our TMI brand thrives in the area of Learning and Development alongside that of TACK International. We would be delighted to continue our relationship with you, if you feel we may fulfil your personal, team or organisational business objectives in this way.

Our website is: where you can find a link to the closest office to you in your country for either or both TMI and/or TACK International. You may also want to use the following address to make contact:

Thank you for your kind understanding.

Leif Mortensen
Product Portfolio Director
On Behalf of TMI


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