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The Time Manager Overview Philosophy

Every person needs overview, structure and the feeling of being in control. This is necessary for maintaining high levels of achievement and energy, for avoiding stress and frustration and for fully using the brain's capacity.

Your brain will also be overloaded if it is occupied with more than ten things at a time. For example, if your desk is messy.

Should this overload continue, the consequences can be serious. At worst your health and sense of well-being will suffer. At best you will have difficulty using the capacity of your brain to arrive at creative solutions to problems - you will be tired, irritable and over-stressed. You will suffer from Flapsi Hapsi. Flapsi Hapsi is a TMI expression to describe the state of a person whose brain has become overloaded or "short-circuited".

Many people are long-term victims of Flapsi Hapsi. They see all their future assignments at home and at work as an unstructured disorganised mass of tasks. Large and small jobs are confused and entangled.

People often try to work methodically whilst surrounded by a muddle. Desks, drawers, computer, filing cabinets, storage areas and bookshelves are all in a mess. Piles of paper, bills, printouts, e-mails, magazines, meeting reports, jottings and notepads jostle for pride of place in the heap of distractions.

As a result the brain is constantly busy processing a number of unrelated details. This makes it impossible to distinguish the important from the unimportant. Much is simply forgotten or overlooked. Things are done in a haphazard order, governed by the impulses bombarding the brain.

Flapsi Hapsi people find it hard to stick to deadlines. They lose all sense of perspective and overview. They are often tired when they go to work and even more tired at the end of the day. They often take home extra work, which makes them unpopular with the family. And if the work is not touched, they develop a guilty conscience. Work priorities are set in the wrong way. The first task to be tackled is the one at the top of the in-tray, regardless of who put it there or how it relates to everything else.

These individuals see their job and workload as a large heap of pine needles. No wonder they never feel up to date and in control.

Avoid Flapsi Hapsi

To avoid fatigue and stress you need a clear overview of your goals, tasks and activities. Then you will know exactly what has been completed and what has not, what has to be done and what can wait.

You simply need a pine tree for all your needles. Nature found a way to achieve structure and overview long ago. If you think of the trees and their structure instead of all the needles at once you will not be confused and exhausted. You can walk free, head held high, enjoying the shape of the trees, their colours and fragrance. Things have been organised.

Apply the same principle in your life. Attach your pine needles to a tree to create and maintain that overview and structure so important to being calm and in control. The object is to maintain a sense of achievement similar to the way you feel whenever you pass an examination or are ready to go on holiday. Allow yourself to use your potential. Do something for yourself and for others. Look ahead. Expand. Grow.

Time Manager gives you the opportunity to create overview and control. Take it!

What overview means to you:
  • Better performance and more energy
  • Greater flexibility and freedom of action
  • Clearer priorities and better decisions
  • More creativity
  • Reduced stress
  • Less irritation

    and so:
  • better control of your life.

Read more about how to apply the Overview Philosophy in your Time Manager

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